The four pillars of selling a home

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important to understand exactly what matters during the process. It’s not as easy as simply putting your home on the market and watching buyers line up. Even in a seller’s market, there are certain things you must understand.

The four pillars of selling a home are the most important factors. If you want to get your home sold, you need to pay attention to these four important things.

  1. Price

The most important of the four pillars of selling a home is the price. It’s the one aspect you have the most control over and the only way you can overcome negative criteria, such as a steep driveway, traffic noise, a bad location or the condition of the home. If you don’t get the list price right, it will make the home very hard to sell.

With the current seller’s market, you may think the price isn’t as important. You’ve heard rumors of home sellers getting multiple offers and you think this will happen for you, too. If you overprice your home, even in a seller’s market, you’ll scare away buyers

The home needs to be priced just right or you may not receive the offers or interest you want.

  1. Location

The location of your home will play a huge role in how quickly it’s sold and for what price. A home found in the most desirable school district will sell faster than a home in a less desirable area, in most cases. While you cannot do anything about the location of your home, it’s important to make sure the highlights of the location are sold along with the home itself.

  1. Condition

The condition of your home will go a long way in getting it sold, as well. When you choose to make repairs or renovations before listing your home, it may help you get a higher price and sell the home faster. Bringing in a professional stager will also help. They will help to ensure the home is show worthy and ready to sell for the highest price possible.

  1. Exposure

You can have the best location, a home in great condition and the right price, but without the right exposure, your home may sit with a for sale sign on the front lawn for months. If you’re not getting very many showings or offers, it’s usually due to the wrong price or lack of exposure.

Hiring the right real estate agent will ensure you get plenty of exposure. A good agent will have your home on the MLS and will also use social media, along with several other marketing strategies, to ensure buyers find your listing and see your home. In addition, you’ll have great listing pictures, which will draw in more buyers to create more showings and more offers.

When you’re ready to sell your home, make sure you consider these four pillars of selling a home. With the right price, a home in a good location, a home in good condition and the right exposure, you can get your home sold fast for the fair market price.

If your home is currently on the market, and you don’t have multiple offers within 3 days – don’t panic!  The average days on market (DOM) in Mint Hill is 45 days. Sometimes limited showing activity is also due to the time of year, holidays, graduations, vacations, etc.

Just make you and your agent continue to assess the market, communicate, and make appropriate changes as needed.

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