The Correlation Between Clutter and Depression…Clutter can bum you out….and it does not help when selling your home!

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A sink full of dishes, toys all over the house, crowded kitchen counters, clothes on the floor…Clutter makes our homes look bad and it also makes us feel bad as well.

Our “walk in closets” are often times storage units and that can no longer be ‘walked into’ as they are overflowing with things we seldom need or don’t even know we have.

It has been proven that clutter has a substantial effect on our mood and self-worth. Social scientists discovered the following:

A correlation between high stress levels in female home owners and a high density of household objects. The more stuff, the more stressed women feel.

Women connect a neat home with a happy and successful family. Usually, the more dirty dishes accumulate in the kitchen, the more uneasy the woman will feel.

Even people that wish to reduce clutter often are emotionally conflicted on how to do it in regards to what to keep and what to give away or throw away. Some items have sentimental value, sometimes people think items carry a monetary value, or they think “ I could probably use it down the road”.

Did you know U.S. families have only 3% of the world’s children, however they buy 40% of the world’s toys.? These toys are sometimes scattered all over the house, along side with trophies, baskets, boxes, shoes, mail, etc.

Here are some easy and simple ideas you can implement to de-clutter your home and perhaps even feel happier…and when you plan on selling your home, it won’t take you 2 months you get ready!

Make a plan
Make a list of all your household chores, block 15-30 minutes daily as your schedule allows it to tackle them consistently – treat them like an important appointment and you won’t get behind.

It’s a Team effort
The more people live your home, the more clutter you might have. Everyone can and should help – age appropriate chores can be assigned. It’s a team effort and not just mom’s job. If everyone pitches in, consistently, nobody should feel overwhelmed.

Kitchen sink and counters
Clear and clean your kitchen sink and counters daily – it only takes a few extra minutes and it will raise your spirits as the kitchen is often times the central room in the home, for all to see and socialize in.

Less stuff – More Life
Continue to sort through closets and drawers and dispose of items you don’t love or use. Donate, do a yard sale, or sometimes just toss it!

In with the New – out with the Old
Every time you purchase a new item, get rid of an old one that is no longer needed.

Moving can be an overwhelming task – the more stuff you have to move, the more anxiety it can cause. When decluttering your home and getting ready for the spring market, keep in mind that you are actually getting a head start and you will have to move less stuff when your home sells. Buyers are interested in seeing your house, not your belongings. Whatever you leave out and display for buyers to see should complement your home and space, not distract from it.

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