Selling Seasons and how they Impact your Home’s Value

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Many things impact the value of your home including the time of year you decide to put it on the market. If you sell during a selling season, you’re likely to sell for a higher price. Real estate agents call times when the market is favorable for selling your home, selling seasons. Here’s a look at how selling seasons can impact the value of your home.

Selling in the Fall

While selling your home in the fall season isn’t exactly popular, it can be a great time of year to sell. Often, there won’t be as many homes on the market compared to spring and summer, which means you have the opportunity to stand out. You may be able to sell for a higher price during the fall simply because the competition has thinned out.

Selling in the Winter

The winter season isn’t the ideal time to sell, but there are always buyers in the market. You will likely need to compensate for the weather conditions and take specific actions to ensure you sell for a high price. Staging your home to match the time of year and the weather is a great way to attract attention. You will also want to clear any snow or ice from stairs and walkways before showing the home.

Selling in the Spring

According to most real estate agents, spring is the hottest time to sell your home. The comfortable temperatures, along with blooming trees and flowers make it a wonderful time of year. However, as a seller, this can also mean lots of competition. Having a strategic marketing plan for your home will help you get it sold for top dollar during the spring selling season.

Selling in the Summer

The next best time to sell is the summer. With good weather, buyers are ready to get out and look for a home. As long as you set your home up with great curb appeal, you’ll have a chance to sell for a high price during the summer. It’s a competitive time to sell, but if you make your home stand out, it can be a great time to sell.

The time of year you decide to list your home will directly impact the value. If you list it with too much competition, you may struggle to get multiple offers and sell for a higher price. However, if you list during a slower time of year, it could also be difficult to get the right buyers interested. Make sure you have a strategic plan and a skilled real estate agent to help you, no matter the time of year you decide to sell.

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