Selling In 2021? Make Your Home More Marketable With These Design Trends

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MINT HILL, NC – When it’s time to list your home for sale, you want to make it as marketable as possible. The phrase “curb appeal” will get thrown around quite a bit, but you need more than just curb appeal.

Redesigning your home could be helpful, especially if it needs to be updated. Let’s look at some of the most popular design trends you can use to make your home appeal to a larger group of buyers.

Open Floor Plan

One of the hottest trends for the past few years is an open floor plan. This home design trend isn’t going anywhere in 2021 and many buyers will be seeking an open floor plan.

If you have the budget, consider adjusting your floor plan to make it more open before listing your home for sale. It will become more marketable to the vast group of buyers seeking a home with an open floor plan.

Add Texture to the Walls

Shiplap is very popular, but it’s not the only option if you want to add texture to your walls. Wallpaper can help give your home the right look when listing it for sale. You can also add an accent wall to attract attention.

Updating the colors and texture of your walls is a pretty fast and affordable choice. When you want to make your home more marketable, consider creating layered texture with shiplap or using wallpaper to create an appealing look.

Neutral Colors

While it’s almost always a recommendation when selling your home, painting your interior with neutral colors is also a design trend. Grey is the color of the year and a cool neutral color palette for your home can help make it more marketable.

Update the Flooring

Buyers don’t want carpet in main rooms or cheap, old flooring. One of the best ways you can make your home more marketable is by updating the flooring.

Even if you don’t have the budget to update the flooring or it’s in good shape, adding the right rugs can help make the hem look great. With jute rugs, you can add a trendy element to your home without breaking the bank.

There are several design trends you can harness to make your home more marketable. If you’re planning to list your home for sale in 2021, now is the time to start planning your remodeling, renovations, and staging.

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