Sellers and Buyers Rarely Meet and Here’s Why

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MINT HILL, NC – Have you ever wondered why you probably won’t meet the seller of the home you buy? Sellers and buyers don’t meet very often and there are reasons for this. Let’s look at some of the reasons why home sellers and home buyers rarely meet.

Things Can Go Wrong

Most real estate agents don’t recommend buyers and sellers meet. This is mainly due to the many things that can go wrong. A simple little comment that seems innocent can kill a deal or even put sellers or buyers in hot water.


It’s rather common, when buyers and sellers meet, to have misunderstandings. This can harm the deal and could even kill it. Maybe one site unintentionally offended the other making it harder to get the deal done. Even a small misunderstanding can be enough to kill the deal.

Home Negatives Might Come Out

If a buyer and a seller meet and talk, a negative about the home might come out. This could work out for the buyer, but it might not be so great if you’re already under contract.

Home negatives are supposed to be discovered during the home inspection process. However, if a seller slips up and says something about the home, it may cause the deal to fall apart. Real estate agents know how to make sure the necessary information is shared with potential buyers without putting the seller in this area.

They could end up with a Fair Housing Act violation due to discrimination. Even if you don’t think you discriminated, it could look like you did. It’s also possible, as a seller, you won’t like the buyers, which can cause issues.

Can Buyers and Sellers Benefit from Meeting?

Yes, if it’s done correctly. When buyers and sellers meet, buyers get the opportunity to ask questions. This can be a great thing for the buyer. You can ask about the quirks of the property and other questions you might have.

It’s also possible to get some insider tips about the neighborhood from the buyer. Maybe the seller will provide you with key resources, as well.

Sellers don’t have as much to benefit from meeting with the buyer, especially if the home is already under contract. However, meeting with a buyer could help a seller decide which offer to accept.

While there are some potential benefits, sellers will also put themselves at risk.

Sellers and Buyers Meeting Safely

If a meeting between the seller and the buyer is necessary, make sure both real estate agents are present. Try to stick with only talking about the house and make sure you’re on your best behavior.

Sellers and buyers rarely meet due to the risks. Real estate agents offer a great filter and level of protection for both parties.

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