Real Estate Preferences Will Be Reshaped By Smart Home Technology In 2021

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MINT HILL, NC – With so many things happening in 2020, this New Year promises to be unique. The real estate industry has seen plenty of changes and smart home technology is poised to reshape the market in 2021.

Due to the pandemic, many home buyers and consumers have become interested in smart home technology. Many added smart home features to their homes and many buyers are seeking out smart home features. Let’s look at a few stats showing how smart home technology could reshape the real estate market in 2021.

More than 50% of Consumers have some type of Smart Home Device

Whether it’s a smart thermostat or a robot vacuum cleaner, a survey from showed about 57% of homeowners have some type of smart device in their home. This shows many homeowners want smart technology in their homes and it has only become more popular due to the pandemic.

About 40% of Homeowners Purchased a Smart home Device in 2020

The COVID Pandemic has caused the smart home technology industry to skyrocket. More than 40% of those surveyed admitted to purchasing some type of smart home device since the beginning of COVID. Whether it’s a front door camera with a smartphone app or a smart TV with internet connections, homeowners are turning to smart home technology for convenience.

The Majority of People Want More Smart Home Technology

The same survey showed that more than 60% of the homeowners are seeking even more smart home features and devices. Many want to create a smart home with plenty of conveniences, such as a central voice-activated system for all their main home functions.

Home Buyers are Willing to Pay More for a Smart Home

The 2021 real estate market will likely see a huge impact when it comes to smart home technology. Buyers surveyed said they would likely pay more if a home already has smart home features. This was pretty consistent across different groups from younger to older and from male to female.

Some of the features men prefer compared to women might be a bit different, but overall, homebuyers have stated they are willing to pay more for a home with smart home technology.

Energy Efficiency is a Huge Selling Point

When it comes to the smart home technology buyers will be looking for in 2021, energy efficiency is at the top of the list. Buyers want to know the smart home technology found in their new home will save them money on their energy bill.

From a smart thermostat to solar roof tiles to full climate control systems, buyers want energy-efficient home features. The real estate market will look quite a bit different in 2021 and it will likely be reshaped by smart home technology.

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