Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home With A Septic System

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MINT HILL, NC – When you start sifting through the homes for sale in Mint Hill, NC, you will notice many have septic systems. If you’re considering buying a house with a septic system, you should know what you’re getting into. Here are some of the most important pros and cons of homes with septic systems.



One of the biggest benefits of buying a home with a septic system is the system is environmentally-friendly. If a leak were to happen, it won’t impact any other property. If this happens with a municipal system, the damage the leak can cause goes beyond just your home.


Instead of paying a monthly utility bill for sewer costs, you just have to maintain your septic system. This eliminates a recurring cost those using a municipal sewer system will have to deal with.

Easy to Maintain

A good septic system will be self-maintaining and last for decades. As long as you’re careful about what goes down the drains, you will likely have very little to do to maintain your septic system.

Safer Option

If a blockage were to occur with a municipal system, you could end up with pathogens from other people’s sewage in your home. With a septic system, the waste came from those living in your home, not the entire community.


You’re Responsible for It

One of the biggest cons of buying a home for sale in Mint Hill with a septic system is you will be responsible for it. This means, if something happens, you have to cover the cost of the repairs. You will also have to spend a few hundred dollars every few years to have the tank inspected and to have the solid waste pumped out.

Drain Field Failure

Another con of buying a home with a septic system is the possibility of a drain field failure. With a good drain field, you’ll have nothing to worry about. However, if the drain field gets impacted by tree roots or heavy equipment driving over the ground, it may cause a failure.

There is nothing wrong with buying a home with a septic tank. It can provide benefits throughout the years. However, if you plan to buy a home with a septic system, make sure you have the system inspected before finalizing the deal.

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