Moving with children and pets – How to make it easier on everyone

Moving is stressful. Add in children and pets and it can become so overwhelming that you feel it’s impossible. However, there are ways to make moving with children and pets much easier. Here are four top tips to help when you’re moving with kids and animals.

  1. Keep a Positive Attitude

Both children and pets will feed of your energy and your attitude. If you’re anxious, they will be anxious, but if you keep a positive, upbeat attitude, they will also remain positive.

  1. Get Your Children Involved

Getting the kids involved in the move will give them something to do. Busy children will be less likely to throw a tantrum or have a melt-down. It may be a good idea to put them in charge of the pets. Show them what they need to do and let them take care of the dog or cat.

This will not only give them a sense of purpose, but it will also keep them busy. It’s far better to get them involve than to sit them in front of a screen and hope they don’t get bored with the TV show you turn on for them.

  1. Put Your Pets in Day Care

On the day of the move, it’s a good idea to put your pets in a doggy day care or something similar for the day or a few hours. Once you’re ready to hit the road, pick up your pets and head to your new place. This will keep them from stressing out about all the packing, boxes and moving activities going on.

In addition, when you arrive at your new home, take your dogs for a walk and let them get used to the smells and the area. If you give your dogs good exercise, they will likely be calm as you’re moving into your new place.

  1. Start the Process Early

The moment you know moving is very possible, talk to your children about it and start preparing. A well thought out plan that includes involvement from the kids can go a long way to keeping everybody calm and happy.

When it comes to moving with children and pets, it can be very stressful. Using these four tips will help to keep the stress to a minimum and keep everybody happier. Remember, it’s not just stressful for you, but also for your children and your pets.

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