Larger Firm vs. Smaller Firm: Is there a listing advantage

It’s time to sell your home and you’ll likely be hiring a real estate agent. The choice between a larger real estate firm and a smaller firm may come up during this process. Which do you choose? Is one better than another? Will a larger firm give you some sort of advantage?


No Listing Advantage from a Larger Firm

A larger real estate firm may feel like the better choice because they are larger. It may seem like their website will get more traffic, therefore, you’ll have a listing advantage. However, your listing won’t be seen any more on a larger firm’s website than on a smaller firm’s website.

Understanding the Home Listing Process

When you list your home for sale, it will be listed on the MLS. This can be done with a small or larger real estate firm. The MLS is syndicated automatically, and your listing will show up on every real estate website using MLS in your area.

Larger firms may argue that getting more views on their website helps them sell more homes. This is simply not true. If you list your home on the MLS with another firm, it will still show up on their website.

As long as a firm participates in MLS, the home will show up on all websites syndicating these listings. A smaller firm can list your home and still get the same exposure with MLS as a larger firm.


Choosing the Right Agent for You Matters More

While choosing between a larger firm and a smaller firm may seem important, it really isn’t. The important thing is choosing the right agent for you. An agent that fits with your personality, your type of home and the worth ethic you expect will matter more than the size of the firm they work for.

A good real estate agent will know how to properly advertise your home through social media, their own network of contacts and other channels. When it comes down to it, buyers could care less about the sign in the yard and the name on the sign. They care about the location, price, home condition and the home overall.

When you’re ready to sell, choose the right agent. Don’t base your decision on the size of the firm. Instead, choose an agent you trust will work hard for you. Choose an agent that will provide exceptional service from the day you meet through the day of closing and beyond.

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