How will the 2019 Mecklenburg County Re-evaluation Affect Your Property Tax Bill

Next year, Mecklenburg County will be doing a full countywide revaluation. This may sound confusing and you may not know what it’s all about or how it might affect you. Let’s look at what the 2019 Mecklenburg County Re-evaluation is and what it will mean for your property tax bill.

What is a Revaluation?

When a county does a revaluation, it basically revalues all properties based on current market value. Mecklenburg County will be determining the taxable value for your property. This isn’t something out of the blue as state statute determines this must be done at least every eight years.

How will Mecklenburg County Prepare?

The County Assessor’s Office has already started visiting all taxable properties and will continue visiting properties until every property has been visited. The goal is to collect the most up-to-date information about every property.

Most likely, when your home is visited, you will receive a knock on the door and you may be asked about some of the home’s characteristics. However, the staff will not enter your home and if you’re not home, they will leave a door hanger.

When will a New Tax Bill be Issued?

You will receive a revaluation notice in January 2019 with the new property valuation. The actual tax bill will be mailed in July 2019. You have the opportunity to file an appeal within 30 days if you believe the value from the assessors isn’t correct.

Will Your Taxes Go Up?

It’s possible that your tax bill could go up, but it’s hard to know for sure. The county commission and city council will be setting a new tax rate in 2019, so a higher valuation doesn’t necessarily mean more taxes. Last time the county did a revaluation; they had to do a second revaluation and ended up reimbursing property owners about $100 million. The county has made improvements since and expects this revaluation to go much smoother.

It’s hard to predict exactly how the Mecklenburg County revaluation will affect your tax bill until the new tax rates are set. It may cause a higher bill, but it may not. Just remember, this is routine and it will likely be another eight years before another revaluation is done.

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