How to Handle a Property Sale After a Divorce

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Real estate transactions are not just about money. For most, buying and selling their home is a very emotional experience. When you add in the emotions of divorce, a property sale can become even harder. Here are a few tips to help you better handle a property sale after a divorce.

Use a Real Estate Agent with Experience in This Area

Some real estate agents know what to expect when dealing with a divorcing couple and a property sale. They understand it’s best to meet with each person separately to avoid any heated exchanges. Make sure you hire a real estate agent with this type of experience.

Find a Way to Agree to Trust Your Real Estate Agent

The best thing you and your soon-to-be-ex can do is agree to trust the agent you have agreed to hire. Let them advise you on the asking price and let them guide you both through the process. Your agent is an expert and will be able to take the emotions out of the process of selling the home.

Getting The Home Ready to Show

Since you’re getting divorced, getting the property ready to show can be rather difficult. You can agree to have just one person deal with this or just hire professionals for everything you need. Whether it’s minor repairs, painting, staging or anything else, you may be able to simply agree to hire a professional to handle these tasks before listing your home.

Agreeing on the Offers

The one major part of the home selling process you really cannot do separately is reviewing the offers. While you can look at them separately, you do have to come to a decision together. Understanding this going into the process may help you to work with your ex when this time comes.

Dividing the Proceeds

You may not get much of a choice in how the proceeds from the sale will be divided. Typically, the money will be distributed by the escrow company according to the agreement from your divorce. This could include paying off marital debts or it may include more for a spouse that was paying the postseparation mortgage payments.

If you’re going through a divorce and you need to sell your home, make sure you hire the right agent. Use the tips above and you’ll be further prepared for the process of a property sale after divorce.

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