How To Declutter Your Home For An Upcoming Sale & Move

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MINT HILL, NC – When you’re preparing to sell your home and move, it’s a good time to declutter it. A decluttered home is easier to show and doesn’t require as much packing when it’s time to move.

How do you declutter your home when you’re listing it for sale? Let’s look at a few of the best tips to help you declutter your home for an upcoming sale and move.

5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

1. Redefine Clutter from the Buyer’s Perspective

You might think of clutter as magazines on the coffee table or your children’s homework spread across the kitchen table. When buyers begin looking at homes for sale in Mint Hill, NC, they will see anything that doesn’t belong as clutter.

An extra piece of furniture taking up too much room makes the room look smaller. Overstuffed bookcases cause a feeling of clutter for buyers. Many buyers will also find toys and other kid’s items spread throughout the house to be a clutter.

If it doesn’t belong, it’s time to let it go or pack it up and put it in storage for now.

2. Declutter Storage Areas

Many home sellers forget to declutter the storage areas. Then, a buyer opens the closet to find it filled with clothes and doesn’t see the actual size of the closet. Declutter the closets, pantry, garage, basement, and cabinets before listing your Mint Hill real estate for sale.

3. Get the Right Tools

When it’s time to declutter your home, a few good tools can help. You’ll want plenty of trash bags or a dumpster rental, sharpie markers, plastic storage bins, and a label maker.

4. Create Three Piles

While you’re decluttering to list your home for sale, you are also decluttering to move. This is a prime time to trim down the things you own to just what you truly want and need.

Create three piles: Sell/Donate, Trash, and Keep. The sell/donate pile can be things you can sell in a garage sale or online, along with things you can donate to a thrift store. Trash items are usually anything broken or with little value that you don’t need. Of course, the keep pile can be packed away for the time when you actually move.

5. Rent a Storage unit

If you have lots of clutter, the furniture you don’t want to display, but also don’t want to get rid of, or you need to empty out the garage or basement, rent a storage unit. You can store your things while selling your home and load them up to move from the storage unit when the time comes.

These five tips will help you with decluttering your home when it’s time to sell it and move to a new home. Decluttering helps your listing pictures look better, helps with home showings, and makes moving much easier.

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