Home Selling Process Timeline

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When it comes time to sell your home, it’s important to understand what to expect. Selling real estate isn’t as simple as contacting an agent and having them take care of everything. There are things you need to do and it’s a longer process than you might think. Let’s look at how the home selling process timeline breaks down.

2-3 Months from Listing

A few months before you plan to list your home for sale, you need to find the right real estate agent for you. This may be the most important step since your real estate agent will handle many important details of the home selling process.

It’s also good to check references and reviews before signing a contract. This is the time to make sure you’re comfortable with the agent that will handle the sale for you.

6 to 8 weeks from Listing

Once you have an agent, or even while you’re looking for one, it’s might be a good idea to get a home inspection done. Even though any potential buyer will get a home inspection done, you should have one done so that you know what to expect. In addition, you may be able to take care of some small repairs found during the inspection to make your home more appealing to buyers. I suggest to let your trusted real estate advisor guide you as to whether your home would benefit from a home inspection prior to listing it. I can help with that!

About six weeks out, you will also want to make sure any upgrades or repairs you will be getting done have been scheduled. You want all work done before listing, so get it scheduled early.

30 Days from Listing

About one month before you list your home it’s time to declutter the house. Even if you need to rent a storage unit to hold extra furniture and clutter, your home needs to be cut down to the minimum. If you plan to use a professional stager, it might be best to have them do a walk through and list the items you should remove from the home. My marketing includes the advice of a professional stager if you are open to meeting with her.

Two Weeks from Listing

A couple weeks before you list your home for sale is a great time to get your pictures done for the listing. Make sure you get pictures of every room and every angle of the outside.

With so many buyers finding homes online, the images are incredibly important. I hire a professional photographer to take all the pictures and create stunning videos.

One Week from Listing

About a week before you list your home for sale you want to clean, clean, clean or get it cleaned professionally. Have a deep cleaning done to get rid of any pet odors, dust, dirt and grime. Once the home is fully cleaned, do your best to avoid making any new messes.

1 to 2 Days from Listing

At this point, your agent will likely take over and will list your home for sale. A good agent knows the traffic for listing sites will spike during the weekend so they will likely get your home listed on Thursday or early on Friday.

Once your home is listed, you will go into the part of the process including showings, open houses, offers, home inspections and, finally, closing. Your real estate agent will help walk you through this part of the home selling process.

If you ever have a real estate question or need, or know someone who does, trust that you can turn to me. I will help you make the right move! 704-650-5707 | AnnaGrangerHomes@gmail.com

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