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  How much money do I need for a down payment?

Your down payment will be based on the cost of the home and most likely one of the following popular loan programs…

  1. Conventional financing – For conventional financing, you will probably need a minimum of 5% up to a maximum of 20% down.
  2. FHA financing – You will need a minimum of 3.5% down.
  3. USDA financing – You may not need a down payment.
  4. VA financing – You also may not need a down payment.

Here are a few more things to know if you go with conventional financing. If you put less than 20% down, you may be responsible for paying private mortgage insurance. Also, the lower your down payment on a home, usually the higher your interest rate and monthly payment. Mortgage lenders tend to offer better terms to those with a high credit score, a higher down payment, and a stable employment history.  Learn more about down payments by calling and asking for my Free Consumer Report called “4 Quick Ways To Buy A Home With Little Down.” I’ll send a copy right over to you.

I just took my home off the market because it didn’t sell. What can I do now to try to sell it again?

The biggest things to consider are the home’s price and its condition.

You may have set the price too high, keeping buyers and real estate agents away. If you lowered your price in increments, it may have been too late since it was already viewed as an “overpriced” home. Also, look at your home’s condition from a buyer’s perspective.

Is there more you can do to make it stand out from other homes for sale?

It may be time to hire not just a REALTOR®, but a Home Marketing Expert. This is an agent who understands your needs and can use their expertise to re-evaluate the price plus share easy ways to make your home appear more attractive to buyers.

To learn more about how to sell your home quickly, call and ask for my

Free Consumer Report called “4 Tips To Guarantee Your Home Sells The Second Time.” I’ll send a copy right over to you.

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