Agent vs. FSBO – Benefits of Choosing an Agent

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Selling your home is a huge financial transaction. You have the option to hire a trained real estate professional to help you or go at it yourself, which is known as for sale by owner or FSBO. Hiring an agent will provide specific benefits, however.

Benefit #1 – Marketing & Exposure
Going the FSBO route means you have to count on Craigslist, a newspaper ad and drive by traffic to get your home sold. However, when you choose the right local real estate agent, you’ll get far better marketing and exposure to a larger pool of potential buyers. Agents will get you listed on the Multiple Listing Service database and will use other marketing efforts to increase your exposure. In addition, good agents often have contacts with other agents looking to match the right buyer to your property.

Benefit #2 – Experience
If you went the FSBO route every single time you sold a home in your lifetime, you may end up doing 5 or 6 transactions, maybe less. A good real estate agent may handle that many transactions in just one week. The experience alone could save you from making a huge mistake as agents known the ins and the outs of selling and buying better than anybody. One small mistake could cost triple the commission you’d pay an agent.

Benefit #3 – Expert Negotiator
Even if you think you’re a great negotiator, chances are, a seasoned real estate agent is better. Negotiating isn’t easy with real estate, but an agent does it every single week and knows how to make sure you get the most for your home. They know how to ensure the deal you accept is the right one and the very best you will get.

Benefit #4 – Provide a Buffer
When you go the FSBO route, you will be dealing directly with potential buyers. This can make it hard to take emotion out of the decision and you may become too picky to sell your home. A real estate agent will provide a buffer and a sounding board. You won’t have to meet the potential buyers right away and your agent can help keep you from making an emotional decision.

Benefit #5 – The Right Price
Setting the right listing price makes a huge difference when selling any home. If you choose the FSBO route, you’ll have to choose the price, which can be tricky. Have you ever done a comparable analysis? Real estate agents do these all the time and know exactly how to set the right price to attract the right buyers for your home.

You have the choice between hiring an agent and trying to sell your home on your own. The smart money is spent on a professional real estate agent as you’ll gain better exposure, expert help and plenty of other benefits throughout the transaction.

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