You spoke and I listened Part 2

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Day 3 we awake to a magnificent sunrise and a welcome chill in the air. After a full breakfast, we opt for a float ride along the Snake River, and the trip was a photographer’s dream come true. “Oh the things we saw” is the best quote I can think of. Included dinner with our guide tonight is a Chuckwagon Feast. The another few hours on our balcony and a welcome nights sleep.

Day 4 we tour Grand Teton Park with our guide and see As many of Americas wonders as I could ever imagine. From there we move on to Yellowstone Park. We learn it has been honored as a UNESCO world heritage site. Quite an honor for such a young country. Old Faithful did not let us down. What a day this is. As if today were not enough, we are staying right in the park tonight in the National Park Lodges. These are hard to get, but our tour company has done a great job getting us rooms here. We are in the Mammoth Springs Hotel.

Hayden Valley. The animals do not let us down as they seem to appear just as we were about to pass on. What photos and memories today. This Valley is a miniature Grand Canyon, with stunning waterfalls galore, and more wildlife. Then we are pushing onward along what seems like an original wilderness trail for wagons, but modernized. This is truly what our ancestors saw as they moved on. We make a stop at mammoth hot springs to admire nature’s own Spa, then it is on to our Mammoth Springs Hotel for a well deserved nights rest.

Day 6 takes us to Cody, named after Wild Bill Cody of western fame. We visit the museum, where we are met by a local guide. We learn he is a true local historian, who thrills us with stories of the West and “How The West Was Won”. We see and learn about the firearms of that era, and learn a good deal about the lives and culture of the Indian People who lived here. We enjoy Western Style Authentic dinner provided by our tour company before we head to our hotel in Sheridan Wyoming.

Check back next week for the final article in this series.

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