Winners in the Choice Awards for 2018 Part 2

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Best Cruise Line

Large Ship: Royal Caribbean, operating 3 of the largest ships at sea out of USA ports. Best known for innovation and activities. They also tied with Disney for Best Family, and won for best entertainment.

Mid Size Ocean; Viking Ocean Cruises, yes the “longship” river cruise company is also in the Ocean Cruise business and a winner here.

Small Ship: Seabourn, best known for top of the line luxury and itineraries.

River Cruise AMA, Rudi and Kristen are the number one again, and wait until next year after the ultra wide Magma debuts in 2019.

Best U.S Airline

Europe and Africa, Delta wins in this category.

Latin America, Mexico and Caribbean; American wins this category.

Best International Airline

Singapore Airlines beat out Emirates and KLM for service and responsiveness. All 3 are Best of the Best in my humble opinion.

Best Travel Consultant Network

TRAVEL LEADERS,  that’s us, my family, yea!!!!!

Next, He Asked.

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