WINE Part 2

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Day 4 takes us to Cadillac where we enjoy our escorted wine tastings of Sauternes against the background of Roquetaillade Castle. We cannot believe this is just the first day. It is a life changing experience, and we are learning to appreciate our cell phones for both pictures and notes on the wines. We were so fortunate to have the owners of our Home Town Wine Lounge sponsor this tour. Not only did they save us money on our fare, but we had the expertise they could bring as we learned all we could.

Day 5 brings us to Pauillac and some wonderful Grand Cru Classe’. We had never tasted these wines, but we soon learned what we were missing. They certainly will be on our Wine List. We even had a private lesson on how to appreciate this wine, and what makes it so special. Sightseeing today was so relaxing as we took in the atmosphere of this port town.

Day 6 brings us to Blaye in the early morning. After a time to look around, we are escorted to Bourg, and the Bourg Festival of Wine and Music. It was hard to tell if we were the ones enjoying all this so much, or the townsfolk who were so eager to greet and join with us. Lest I forget to mention, during all this time we were treated to the most wonderful gourmet food on board. Included breakfasts and lunches were great, but the dinners were superb. Many time fresh ingredients from the towns we visited, were incorporated into our meals. At every meal we had our own Wine Concierge working with our Home Town Wine Specialists, and the wine pairings were spot on.

Check back next week for the last part of our trip.

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