Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 7

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Reduced deposits are a way of inducing purchases.

C/ Travel Insurance Companies are providing wider choices in products, to allow travelers to choose coverages they feel give them more peace of mind. Incorporating Travel Insurance into travel plans will be a new norm. Buyers still need to read the fine print, however, as there has been a great reluctance to provide coverage for an international health crisis, such as just occurred.

D/ For the “Few and the Brave” there will be a great gift in reduced occupancy over the next few months. If you patiently wait, or plan, you will be treated to new experiences not seen in decades. Think about Venice, as an example. The water in and around Venice is clearer than anyone can remember, and the city has taken this asleep time to clean places that they never could have cleaned before. You could be the very first to sit at Harry’s Bar, look out into the Grand Canal, and actually see down into the water!


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