Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 5

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6/ Once again the S word, Sanitation. This will be the biggest visible change. There will be a constant cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas. There will be management level programs to implement and carry on sanitation as “the new norm”.


The BIG changes here will be Social Distancing. Domestic resorts like Disney and Universal will begin opening slowly, one area at a time. There will be ground markers at rides for social distancing.

1/ A big effort is being put forward to implement some type of “appointment” program, where you would be assigned a time to arrive at a park, and you would pick times to be at the rides you have selected. Many resorts already had a rudimentary system like that in place. You will see much more elaborate systems.

2/ Again dining will change. Buffets will change or be removed. Restaurants will serve all food to patrons. Seating will be with social distancing.

3/ There is a concentrated effort to move to 100% digital everything in order to reduce touchpoints.

4/ I foresee a “cashless experience” coming to the big resorts very soon. Handling cash is a very big exposure for workers and guests.

5/ The All Inclusives will change to some degree as they implement social distancing. Dining will be more intimate, buffets will have to change, and shows will have to implement social distancing through seating or scheduled appointments to shorter shows, done more frequently. Staff such as Butlers and Concierge will be wearing face masks and gloves more frequently.


Here there will be some big changes, implemented on a gradual basis. Right now many countries have put off tourist inflow until June to July, some as late as October. Canada recently announced it has closed all ports to cruise ships until at least October. That has had a devastating effect on tour companies in Canada and Alaska, who depend on tour revenue from June to September.

1/ A few countries have announced they are open to tourism, with no, or few, restrictions. Countries like Greece for example, have begun tourism campaigns to attract tourists early.

Please join us next week for Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 6

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