Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 4

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The biggest change for folks staying at Hotels will be changed in food service and sanitation. All of the large Hotel Groups have already implemented very strong sanitation plans for immediate implementation. Occupancy remains very low as of June 01, so we have no eyewitness data to verify the quality of new procedures. I have no doubt that we will see very concerted efforts toward sanitation immediately. No Hotel wants a reputation for being the source of a new virus outbreak if they can avoid it. Sanitation is the very best way they can try to avoid any contamination from visitors.

Foodservice changes may be more definitive. Some groups are doing away with free breakfast buffets. Others are replacing buffets with served food at it’s simplest. Still, others will only offer food service to sit down restaurants, for a fee of course, and observing social distancing rules.

Tourist Center Cities such as Las Vegas will see the biggest changes. If you have ever waged a penny in a slot machine in Vegas, you can see here where the big differences will come.

1/ Card tables will operate at reduced capacity, probably 50% for the near future.

2/ Only Domestic Arrivals will be accepted in Vegas to start. International Arrivals will not be welcomed for awhile.

3/ There may be physical barriers between card players and dealers, and all employees will be wearing face masks.

4/ There will be temperature scanners at all casino entrances and spread throughout each casino. Security will monitor temperatures, and direct anyone with a fever to in house medical facilities, fully staffed, and capable of doing virus testing as needed.

5/ Casinos are currently experimenting with computer programs to maintain social distancing at slots. One such program will recognize when a player sits at a machine, and disable any machines within the distancing guidelines selected. That will be an ongoing effort.

Please join us next week for Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 5

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