Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 3

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7/ At this time MOST European countries still have tight restrictions on foreign visitors at international arrival points, including border crossings. There are daily negotiations about how and when this will loosen up. Please seek advice before booking any foreign trips, at least for the remainder of June.

CRUISING. Oh, the changes you will see!

1/ Check-in will be 100% pre-check-in so that screening can be done prior to arrival.

2/ Check-in lines in terminals will be limited by social distancing. There will probably be mandatory check-in time windows.

3/ Temperature checks and pre-arrival questionnaires will be standard. Paperwork will be greatly reduced to contain cross-contamination.

4/ Buffets will take different forms as each carrier has offered plans to control social distancing. The most popular plan is to provide employee servers at all stations so clients will not touch the food or buffet surface.

5/ Plans will be in place for onboard virus testing, with isolation areas designated, and treatment protocols in place. Sanitation Medical personnel numbers will greatly increase.

6/ Beverage areas will have social distancing in place, as will other entertainment areas. There will definitely be some form of Social Distancing at pool and lounge areas.

7/ Most Cruise Lines have completely replaced linens so they can start sanitation procedures with new products. Sanitation will be very involved, ongoing, and ever-present all over the ship. High touch areas will be constantly sanitized.

8/ There may well be changes in ports of call as cruise Lines try to place passengers where they feel sanitation can be controlled best. Temperature checks getting on and off the ship will be a constant. Most Ports will also have temperature checks and some may require passengers to fill in questionnaires again.

9/ Passengers will probably be encouraged to join “repeat guest organizations”. This will help fulfill a requirement all ships will have to be able to trace any clients who are sick on arrival or become sick during transit. Cruise Lines may have to make membership more enticing in order to enroll more people.

Please join us next week for Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 4

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