Where in the World is Phil- COVID, Part 2

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6/ Pricing will stabilize very soon. There were some real bargains out there in early May. A flight from Charlotte to Miami on American was $69 round trip on May 08. Today, the same flight is $208. Add about $35 pp for seat choice and carry on, and another $25 for checked bags.

International Flights; Please be careful. Destination arrival requirements may not be user-friendly today. An example is St Lucia. The St Lucia Government announced St Lucia would open to USA international arrivals on about June 03. Airlines like American ramped up to daily flights out of Miami starting June 03 in a grand announcement by American’s Vice President of Sales USA. On or about May 22, the Tourism Minister announced all candidates from US Airports must present a negative COVID 19 test certificate issued within 48 hours of arrival at the departure airport. Americans cannot get such a document, let alone in the required time frame. American Airlines probably did not want the responsibility of wrestling with folks at the airport to collect those certificates, but for whatever reason, canceled St Lucia Flights immediately.

1/ There is still a Level 4 Do Not Travel Warning from the USA for all international travel. Check before you book.

2/ Some Caribbean Countries opened up on June 01. Others, along with Mexico and the Dominican Republic, are scheduled to open in the next few weeks.

3/ All international destinations will require some form of medical screening on arrival. This may be the new normal going forward. Look for temperature screening, questionnaires, medical teams right at the airports, COVID testing at airports, and some restriction of travel may be imposed still.

4/ Distance Separation will be in place in all lines, which will increase processing times.

5/ Face masks will be required almost universally. Where required, some countries will deny entry to persons who approach without masks.

6/ Due to restricted availability of certain items at arrival countries, TSA in the USA, and international in – processing authorities may continue to relax quantity limits on carry-ons of certain items.

Please join us next week for Part 3 of Where in the World is Phil- COVID

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