What’s new 2019 MSC seaside Part 1

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Having just returned with a group of 50 off the brand new MSC Seaside, I wanted to update you with a personal report about this latest ship.

MSC Cruise lines is probably one of the oldest shipping companies in the world, with roots in Italy. Best known for worldwide container shipping, MSC slid into the passenger cruise world with very little fanfare many years ago. Most recently they operated the MSC Divina out of Miami for several years with some good success.

All of that changed in December of 2017 when the Seaside entered the Port of Miami with a great deal of fanfare and publicity. MSC hit the ground running with very low fares and an Italian flare. Passengers from the USA and all over the world flooded the reservations center with requests for reservations and new bookings. By February public reviews were all over the media about service problems, mechanical problems, and guest services. By far the majority of published reviews were negative. MSC scrambled to find ways to resolve most of the problems, whether perceived or real. After 9 months, most of the reviews are positive with some areas needing improvement. On October 20 we began an adventure to find out for ourselves. We took about 50 Mint Hill area folks accompanied by family members from all over the country.

THE TELL; Famous words for what an experienced gambler sees in the actions and expressions of another gambler, my opinion was all of our group was pleased with the experience. I guess the biggest “Tell” was when most of them asked when we could do this again.

Check back next week for Part 2

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