What Is New On The Horizon (Ocean that is)? Part 1

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CHARLOTTE – Let’s start with a first-timer in the industry and a new concept. There are a dozen or so Cruise Ships that cater to adults. Most do so by itineraries that are adult-oriented, ships that have few distractions for children, or cruises that are too long for active children. Historically, companies like Cunard and Holland American, cater to adults. None, however, decline bookings with persons under 18.

And then, along came Richard Branson. The operator of such entities as Virgin Air, and Virgin Space, Mr. Branson introduced Virgin Voyages over 1 year ago. Scheduled to set sail for the first time ever in spring of 2020 – well you know the rest of the story. With Covid in the rearview mirror, the first of the Virgin Voyages ships will sail from the USA this fall, and from at least one port in Europe about the same time. They have two ships now and at least two more almost ready. What is so different?

ADULTS ONLY on these ships will make sailing a whole new experience, or so Mr.Branson says. Cruise ships have long bragged on inclusivity, and many justify pricing with included “extras” that are not included in a land “Hotel” stays. Certainly not as “All Inclusive” or “More Inclusive” as some resorts, but they all include at least unlimited daily snacks and meals at some venues, and on-board entertainment.

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