We were worried about a wild life Part 2

Bird Life
Bird Life

Phil had advised we allow him to book upgraded seats on the long flights. We did, and we are so grateful to his advice. The service at our seats was superb. We had chosen Air Emirates, and we were so impressed with the new Dreamliner, the service, and the quality of food.

Our overnight stay in Nairobi was a first-class Hotel, with a great view and very comfortable beds. Our first venture into the wild was to Shaba, where we participated in our first Game Drive, with Giraffe, Zebra, and Wildebeast.

That night we met natives from the Samburu People. We found they were related to the Masai People, but very unique… The next morning we were off for Mt Kenya.

A great surprise for me was the variety of Bird Life we saw enroute. James loved the ever changing scenery, but he was even more impressed when he found out Mt Kenya Safari Club, where we were staying, was not only immaculate, but was once the private hunting lodge of actor William Holden. Our day at leisure was more than welcome, as we slept late, then gently strolled through the immaculate grounds at the lodge.