We were worried about a wild life Part 1

African Safari
African Safari
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James and I had dreamed about an African Safari for years. It seems we would just get ready to make a decision, then the news would have an article about an incident somewhere in Africa, and we would postpone any decisions.

We had read how certain areas were so very safe, but it was just too much of a chance for us to take.

We went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Mint Hill, and spoke to Phil. When we mentioned our worries, Phil immediately asked to meet with us so we could learn the facts.

During our meeting, Phil and Barbara talked very straightforward and factual. We found there were areas in Africa where the Government Situations were volatile.

We also found out that there were areas that were very safe, and millions of foreign visitors travel there every year. Phil said the most important factor was to pick from several tour companies that had ground specialists in Africa, and had spotless reputations.

He reminded us that everywhere on the globe, there were incidents every day. Even the United States has incidents in areas, from time to time, that visitors should avoid. That is the reason for ground contacts and reputable companies. If an incident should occur in our area of interest, the ground people would be able to identify it, and the Tour Company could reroute us to avoid the exposure.

Once we agreed we would go, Phil mentioned that when booking any adventure travel, we must be aware of the inherent dangers of that travel. Phil was careful to point them out. Off we go.

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