“Wave Season”  Part 4

Wave season
Wave Season
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In my opinion, Celebrity is a luxury cruise line, operating at a very reasonable price point. Art work, Color Schemes, service levels, and cuisine tip the scale more to luxury. Azamara is actually the luxury cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean. Featuring the “Yacht Club” concept of a yacht within a cruise ship, they have become an entity unto themselves.

Norwegian Cruise Line has several ships doing 3, 4 and 7 day cruises out of Florida. Open Dining options at multiple restaurants at no charge, Family Havens, and a wide choice of shows are standouts.

MSC is a European cruise line that operates Freight ships worldwide, and just a few, large and upscale passenger ships. A late entry in the USA market, they provide an excellent price point for couples and families that enjoy the “Italian” vibe on board.

If I should ever forget to mention the last one, I would be forever banished to never – never land with Peter and his cronies. Disney has 3 cruise ships sailing out of Florida. They do 3, 4 and 7 day cruises. They have included the Disney Animitronics, if that is still a modern term, on board. Your dining room may actually come “alive” with moving and talking pictures on the wall. It may change mood as well as music, and the wait staff changes with it. Character sightings are frequent, they have the best child care program at sea, dining is impeccable. Last, we move to the true luxury at sea. These cruise lines ooze pampering and refinements. They all include Butler Service in most staterooms, most staterooms have balconies, and most all include many extras in the upfront price, making them a true value when the whole package is compared. They pride themselves on the closed wallet concept, where everything, including drinks now, is included. They even include airfare, and transfers in the price. Seven Seas Cruise Line, Seaborne, Crystal, and Regent Seven Seas are some of the Luxury lines. Well,

I am out of breath from information overload. If you are in the 90% of population here in the USA that has never cruised, call your travel agent, or Barbara and I. Smooth Sailing to all.

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