“Wave Season” Part 1

Wave Season
Wave Season
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Welcome to “Wave Season”. If you have not heard the term, do not feel bad as it was invented by the Cruise Industry to describe an annual period of time when Americans tend to be interested in upcoming vacations, particularly at sea. In the next 3 weeks we will talk in depth about ocean cruising. We will cover WHY, WHERE, and DIFFERENCES.

Why and why not is like a “he said – she said” conversation. What is an important reason to cruise for one person, may be just as important not to cruise, for another person. Let’s start with two I hear most often. “I get seasick”. Modern vessels all have stabilizers now that minimize rock and roll. The larger the vessel, the less movement. The nearer the center of the ship, and the most mid level cabins result in less movement while in your cabin (really, only to sleep). Modern anti-nausea patches are improved, reasonable, and virtually hidden.

“It cost too much” 3 years ago, I did a study on costs. For a family of two adults and two children under 12, it cost $2455.00 to go to Myrtle Beach Area for seven nights in mid summer. That included a moderate hotel room on the beach, 3 meals daily plus a snack, 2 water park visits, gasoline, and admission to 2 shows. Today, live pricing shows a seven day cruise on a very modern, popular cruise line out of Florida to 3 Caribbean Islands, cost $1938.56 for the same family. I did not apply any special discounts, the fare includes everything the beach trip included EXCEPT gasoline, and also included unlimited food and non alcoholic drinks and unlimited access to the on board water park.

“ I can’t keep my extended family together” Several Cruise ships offer clusters of cabins for families. Some even offer a “Haven” for families that can include separate swimming pools and a separate dining area. “They are too crowded” Ships come in many sizes, from less than 800 passengers, to over 5,000. The larger ships have “Sections” where you never have to leave one section to access food, entertainment, recreation and solitude. “I will get bored”. Ask anyone who has cruised. If you try to do everything that is available, you will not have time to sleep, and most of that is free. Tune in next week for some “WHERE” locations I bet you did not know about.

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