Turks And Caicos 2022 Part 6

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CHARLOTTE – On the day before departure, we were given time to get our CovidTest for our USA departure. We arrived about 10 minutes early, signed up, and were finished in 15 minutes, with our results to be emailed within 2 hours. We got negative results in our email and saved them on our phones.

Departure on our last day was a breeze. Maybe the best part was not having a bill for the drinks and food! According to our departure instructions from Beaches, we left our suitcases outside our suite by10am. They were picked up by staff. By the time we arrived at the departure lounge, we were seated in comfortable chairs, then asked to identify our luggage. That luggage was placed in our Transfer Van, and we were whisked to the airport. Upon arrival I was escorted to the AA check-in counter, we showed our passports, negative Covid tests, and our air itinerary. We were taken through Security. We learned Turksdoes not have TSA PreCheck, but our experience was excellent. The terminal was very crowded, and seating was sparse. We found a seat near our departure gate, then we selected a deli sandwich and drink, then sat back to wait for our departure. Enplaning was straightforward, even though there are no JetWay ramps. The flight home was 90% full, but the 2.5 hours passed quickly. Immigration at Charlotte was easy, and we were on our way home in very good time.

Thank You Beaches Turks and Caicos for a wonderful time.

Phil and Barbara have owned Leisure Travel experts here in Mint Hill since 1994 and are proud members of Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce. Contact them at (980) 406-1650 or phil.angelo@leisuretravelexpert.com.

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