Travel Requirements- Part 1

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CHARLOTTE – Since this is the topic of top interest on every website, one final two-part article about the status of travel, then on to some real travel adventures, I promise.

Europe is still very much in a state of virtual suspension for travelers. Due to the late resurgence of Covid 19cases in some countries, plans for travel in the next 60 to 90 days are still in limbo. The EU is discussing a“Vaccination Passport” to travel from country to country. Some countries are wide open (Greece), while others remain reluctant to allow visitors yet. It seems everyone agrees the first step will be to allow short-term travel between countries, perhaps for business travel, then progress to a more permanent system for tourism. At any rate, it appears that the very unpopular “Vaccination Certificate” requirement will become a standard for travel from the US to Europe for the next 6 months minimum.

The ”Down Low”; don’t make plans for Europe travel before October 2021. Pricing is wonderful now. Keep an eye open for ” Vaccination Passport Requirements”.

Summer Olympics 2021. Well, I just am not ready to book any clients for the Olympics. The resurgence of Covid, indecision on whether certain venues will operate, and uncertainty of what the actual travel requirements will be by July are too big of a “guestimate” right now.

The “Down Low”; Get a big screen TV.

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