Travel- Can I- Should I, Part 9

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CHARLOTTE – European Tours is still greatly diminished and largely unavailable today. Most countries in Europe are seeing high infection rates at this time, and are not allowing tourism travel. This may very well change as vaccinations become more prevalent. Some Tour Companies are introducing future tours with reduced passengers and more choices of tours at stops. There will be many ways for reluctant travelers to minimize exposures on a given tour. One of the ways our agency is trying to reduce exposure is by scheduling “Sole Use” bus tours well in advance. We have one to Ireland for 9 days in July 2022, where we are very near our “Sole Use” minimum already. SoleUse means no one else will be on our bus except our group, the tour guide, and the driver. We have a list of open countries, call us.

US Tours are now wide open. Most tour companies are offering a bigger and better variety of US Tours. The Great National Parks of the West is a popular tour that is almost selling out this year. Please be aware that some of the tours that go into Canada are not yet open for travel. Canada is on lockdown as of this writing.

Wrapping up;

Can I travel now? Yes if you travel smart and get advice.

Should I travel Now? Ask a consultant detailed questions, get advice, find out all you can, book early, be sure you are comfortable, then YES you should.

Please call Phil or Barbara at (980) 406-1650.  We are proud members of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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