Travel- Can I- Should I, Part 6

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CHARLOTTE – My explanation, using my emergency services experiences, is that means they have to make a plan to transport, hospitalize, and provide medication, in the event, every single passenger onboard becomes ill at the same time. With some Cruise Ships carrying more than 6000passengers plus crew, you can do the math and see that even with the facilities and transport available here in Mecklenburg County, that is daunting at least. For Island countries it is impossible. Shelter in place CDC, and bring treatment, isolation, and medicine to the ship! I guess I am just too simple-minded. That solution is no good because it is too simple.

When will we start cruising again? Out of US Ports, I am predicting November as a good start date, with hopes there will be an agreement so cruises can start as early as August.

Out of Foreign Ports? They will begin cruising in July out of such ports in the Caribbean as Nassau, St Martin, and 1 or 2 additional islands. They will do this by flying into that country and beginning your voyage from there. That gets around the US CDC requirements. All ships have extensive new procedures to protect passengers, HOWEVER, please note that as of today they all require Vaccination for Covid 19. That means no children under 16 allowed, and only those between 16-18 are vaccinated. This can change daily by the cruise line. From Europe, most Cruise Lines are booking starting Sept. 01 All are either refundable, or you can get a future cruise credit if the sailing cancels or you cancel, with restrictions.

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