Travel- Can I- Should I, Part 5

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CHARLOTTE – Up until April, you could almost be assured flights were not full. During and after the April SpringBreak period, the numbers have skyrocketed, leading to new records through TSA and many air routes being reinstated as flights fill up.

Getting there was never a highlight of any of our trips over the years. Now it is a necessary part of each trip. We found bringing our own snacks from home is a very bright spot now. Air travel is what it is, and right now it seems to be satisfactory with no concerns on our part about cross-contamination.


Oh my. The impact of the shut down of cruising out of US Ports has been devastating to the USEconomy. I will not bore you with statistics, but if you enjoy reading morbid statistics, just google the Florida Cruise status, and you will come away in disbelief of the impact. The State of Florida has initiated an unprecedented lawsuit against the US Government and the CDC, based on job and economic losses due to what they refer to as “Revenge Politics” to keep the Cruise Industry down. I am not here to condemn either side, but I do want to point out one demand by the CDC that makes the return of cruising out of US Ports unlikely. I will try to reproduce the requirement as best I can, without any prejudice. The CDC is essentially requiring each cruise line to have a written plan in place to treat, transport, and /or test every passenger onboard a vessel, at the port, they are visiting.

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Phil Angelo
Having traveled as Travel Consultants since 1992, Phil and Barbara can honestly say "Been There - Done That". We have been on over 85 cruises, visited 43 countries, and over 125 resorts all over the world. We have relationships with over 100 registered travel companies, giving you the very best choice and pricing.