Travel- Can I- Should I- Part 2

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CHARLOTTE – No one of my clients lives close enough to a foreign country, to be able to drive there. Some folks live near the Canadian Border, and some near the Mexican Border, but none of my clients have ever asked me to plan a foreign trip where they were driving to that country. Enter the airline industry. Up until April of2021, there were 3 changes in air travel that were common across the industry.

1/ Mask wearing and boarding sequence changes were mandated in the spring of 2020, and remain largely intact. On board service of drinks and snacks, as well as food in first class was discontinued across theboard, then slightly modified. You now get a plastic baggie with a bottle of water, crackers, etc. You can special request limited items on a one-on-one basis.

2/ Middle seats were left empty on most carriers except American Airlines. As of dates in April, every airline will go back to filling those seats.

3/ All airlines implemented some type of “No change fee” policy. That meant if you had to cancel a booking, you could change the dates on that booking, without incurring the usual change fee. Most airlines will phase out that policy starting May 01 travel dates. The rules vary from airlines, so please check your ticket restrictions before you purchase, or within 24 hours of purchase. NONE of the airlines changed the “No Refund” policy. It is very rare to get a refund on air purchases unless they are part of a refundable package.

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Phil Angelo
Having traveled as Travel Consultants since 1992, Phil and Barbara can honestly say "Been There - Done That". We have been on over 85 cruises, visited 43 countries, and over 125 resorts all over the world. We have relationships with over 100 registered travel companies, giving you the very best choice and pricing.