Travel- Can I- Should I- Part 1

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CHARLOTTE – Here we are over 13 months into Covid. Barbara and I have been very fortunate in recovering from some serious health issues related to Covid last year. If you have been following these articles, you know we took 3 international trips to 3 countries between October and January. I studied everything I could about the changes and challenges I thought we might face, and we followed advice and rules on every trip. The outcome was very favorable, with no “failure to launch” events and no illnesses. Others traveled with us with the same results. Our conclusions;

A/ Travel is safe and very enjoyable if undertaken properly.

B/ The precautions of each country differ, and pre-trip planning is essential.

C/ Travel is different now and you HAVE to be aware of what you will see and do as you travel. get advice before traveling.

In the next several articles I will cover what you can expect now as you travel. These are facts as of this writing, are subject to change daily, and you need to verify before you book or depart. I have to make a single statement in front before I go any further. International Travel, at this time, is an individual choice that must be undertaken with knowledge of the different facets of the trip. It is an individual choice each person must make.

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