The World’s rivers Part 1

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This next series is by special request of our loyal readers. As you are well aware, all of the rivers of this world have had a great place in our history, and how regions evolved. When you look at how a country or region has changed over centuries, much of it’s history revolves around it’s rivers, that eventually lead to our Oceans and provided the only form of intercontinental travel for thousands of years. Today we fly from country to country in minutes, or hours. In our history those travels took days, weeks, months. Even if you interests lie in Ocean Cruising, think about how almost every cruise begins or ends at a port that is the mouth of a river. It should be no surprise to any of us when we are able to see much of our history along our rivers. In this series we will talk about different River Cruise Companies, where they cruise, what the niche, or specialty is, and what to expect. The only fair way is to do it a little alphabetically where we can, so let’s open today with AMA Waterways.

AMA was established in 2002, and is delicately managed by President Rudi Schreiner, along with his imaginative co – owner Kristen Karst. Born in the European River countries, Rudi in Vienna and Kristen in Dresden, both have had a renowned history of designing and developing River Cruise Ships and itineraries around the world. Rudi was recently honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Cruise Lines International Association, the only River Cruise Executive to have been honored this way to date. AMA has experienced phenomenal, but controlled growth over these 16 years. AMA has been  honored to be rated in the highest possible category by Berlitz, and pride themselves on having 20 ships considered luxury and premier ships.

Currently AMA sails in Europe, Asia and Africa.. Let’s take a cruise;

Check back next week when we start out on our first cruise.

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