The World’s rivers Part 3

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We choose the Burgundy and Provence 7 day cruise from Paris to Cote D’Azur.

We start off with 2 days pre–cruise in Paris, with an included tour of paris on day 2. On day 3 we are transferred to Beaune, with an included visit to a well know local hotel for a meal.  We board at our leisure , where we meet our staff. We appreciate the welcome handshake of our ship Captain, and enjoy a delicious meal and wines. Day 4 is spent on board our wonderful ship with a wine and cheese tasting experience and a brief visit to Macon for some free time and a visit to one of the best wine cellars in France.

Day 5 takes us to Lyon. We enjoy a guided tour with headsets as we visit the old town and Place des Terreaux with it’s cafes and wine offerings. Day 6 continues in Lyon when we cap off our day with a lively sampler of regional Beaujolais, certainly the highlight for our wine lovers. Day 7 takes us to 2 famous cities, Tain L’Hermitage, and Viviers. We have an included guided tour in each city, again with headsets included. Day 8 takes us to Avignon. Our highlights today are a visit to the Palace of The Popes, and then the wine cellars of Chateauneuf – du – Pape. This is the most memorable part of the cruise for our wine lovers as these cellars are world renowned. On to Day 9 and Arles. Here a visit to the ancient Amphitheatre is a “SnapChat” prize winner. We will spend the night here in the Cote D’Azure, enjoying this luxury locale bordering Italy. One more night on board enjoying delicious local food and wines, then it is time to leave this wonderful home for our journey back to our home.

Check back next week for our next cruise.

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