The top places to visit this summer

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When it comes to bucket lists, travel is most definitely at the top of most people’s list, what are the top places to travel to in 2018?

Malta: Located between Italy and Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea, it has a perfect blend of Italian, Greek, and some Asian flair mixed in as well. If you’re a Games of Thrones fan, then you’ll remember the “Azure Window” on the island of Gozo. Although it collapsed into the sea in 2017, the gorgeous beach is a must see on your bucket list. The limestone formations that dominate the islands of Malta and the vertical cliffs with their bays, coves and inlets are a true thrill seeker’s paradise.

Puebla, Mexico: I am sure you are familiar with the likes of Cancun and Riviera Maya, but have you heard about the country’s fourth largest city? It’s nickname “De Los Angeles” comes from the diverse community and lively culture blending the best of modern with tradition. If you like a good chalupa then you’ll be thrilled to know they were invented here. The ornate baroque churches are as majestic as they are timeless, but it’s the container district of Chotula that will have you Instagram famous. Once home to massive cargo ships these containers now transform the neighborhood into a twenty-first century marvel. These colorful containers converted into restaurants, beauty salons, bars, cafes and shops are bucket list worthy for even the most seasoned traveler.

Malawi Africa: With exceptionally gorgeous landscape and lush vistas, this untouched country will have you thanking your travel agent for this amazing tip. Lake Malawi is the ninth largest lake in the world and the third deepest in Africa. But it’s what lives within its depths that make it truly amazing, with more than seven-hundred types of cichlid and more species of fish than any other lake on the planet. Pumulani Lodge, a luxury beach resort on the lake, has its own telescope for its guests to enjoy the crystal clear skies above and marvel at our galaxy. Since the rainy season is from November to April, this summer would be a perfect time to make an escape to this little-known gem tucked away in Southeast Africa.

If your passport is full and you need to stay stateside opt for Louisiana, if for nothing else than the amazing gumbo and the welcoming nature of these eclectic people.  When New Orleans isn’t celebrating Mardi Gras, it is working hard on its up-and-coming riverside pocket parks replacing the railroad tracks along the Mississippi River. Bourbon Street has been given a six million dollar facelift. And last but not least, all of the celebrations this year will be bigger and better than ever as New Orleans celebrates its 300 year anniversary. Now that’s a party you surely won’t want to miss!

Jordan- The middle East wouldn’t be the same without this wonderous little country in the middle of it. Surrounded by Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Palestinian territories this country has one of the oldest cities on the planet in it’s clutches, Amman. If you stand on Jordan’s Red Sea Coast, you can see Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Indiana Jones movie buffs will fondly remember it from The Last Crusade when the hero sees Al-Khazneh, the rock carved treasury building in the lost city of Petra.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for places to travel this summer, some may appeal to you and others may not, but hopefully this at least got you thinking outside the box to some amazing places you may never have thought of visiting. Whether you have an interest in any of these places or anywhere else in the world you may want to go, don’t hesitate to call your local travel specialists and let us help you get started on your bucket list. Remember, every list begins with an idea and we’re here to help you turn those ideas into reality at Leisure Travel Experts Mint Hill.

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