The New Upscale Part 3

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CHARLOTTE – Destination Weddings were, as recently as 2 years ago, considered the exception to standard, enjoyed only by those with special insider knowledge about the advantages. Today Travel Advisors likeBarbara and I are fielding more inquiries about destination weddings than ever before. The reasons seem to be;

a/ More people want to get out and travel now than ever before. That means Brides are seeing more wedding guests opting to travel for a wedding, coupling it with a vacation.

b/ The cleanliness protocols at upscale resorts are much more advanced than at many local or regional venues.

c/ The surge in requests for wedding venues post-Covid has caused record pricing increases. This has not occurred with destination weddings. We have a 2022 wedding in planning where the family had originally planned to spend about $35,000 on a local venue. This wedding, on a romantic island in the Caribbean, is costing about $9,900 TOTAL so far. It includes 7 nights all-inclusive for the Bride andGroom, 3 nights all-inclusive for 4 couples and 2 children, wedding ceremony with officiant, 2-hour reception, flowers, wedding cake, spa, hairdressing, Dry Cleaning. In addition, they already have 10 more couples who have signed up for 3 to 7-night vacations at the same resort, so they can join the wedding. Just a reminder that the pricing includes all food, drinks, snacks, and top-shelf alcohol and champagne, during everyone’s length of stay.

Please call Phil or Barbara at (980) 406-1650.  We are proud members of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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