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For many, Rome is one of the main reasons for coming to Italy. It is the seat of Catholicism at the Vatican. It is home to the richest and arguably most famous museum in the World. Some scholars say if the riches of the Vatican Museum were ever unleashed on the free world, the economy would collapse completely. This is home to some of the most famous sites in the world such as the Roman Forum, where civilizations are unearthed atop one another.

The colisseo is probably the most photographed spot in Italy, where Roman Gladiators gave their lives in Roman “Sport”. There are Palaces where the many Ceasars ruled, Castles where famous families once lived, and more historical churches than probably any other city on earth. Beside Art and History at it’s finest, there is beauty everywhere. Trevi Fountain, Gardens, Piazzas, the River Tiber, and St Peter Cathedral, just to name a few. Food, of course, is unique here, and abundant. Do not miss the opportunity to sit outdoors at a restaurant or café, and just enjoy the food, wine, and people passing by. We will have an entire series on just Rome and venice coming soon.

Moving south we have the Adriatic area on both sides of the boot. While here be sure to try the local Limoncello. I tried if for the first time some 20 years ago, and it is a staple in my home now as an appertife and Digestivo. Frome Napoli, you must visit Pompeii, Vesuvio, and Capri. For a better value and view, you might choose to stay in Sorrento, and tour from there. A Day trip to Capri is a must. Prepare to walk up hill to the town, but the effort and journey are worth it. You “ can see forever”, from this tiny island. It is so quaint and laid back, you just cannot help but to drop your pace into the local rhythm. No bridges means very few cars. The only way on and off is the wonderful Hydrofoils that transport you from Sorrento or Naples.

Check back next week for part 5.

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