Scotch or Guiness
Scotch or Guiness
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Glasgow was to be our last stop in Scotland, and it was a good change of pace as we enjoyed dinner and a Bagpipe show. Then it was off to our Ferry Crossing to Ireland, and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

We were fascinated as we learned so much about the Irish Rebellion and years of struggle. We saw two cranes at the Belfast Shipyard called Samson and Goliath, and the names were very appropriate. We even got to visit the “Titanic Experience Museum”.

Next it was off to the Giant’s Causeway. What we thought was just the name of a road, was actually a volcanic cobblestone road leading, mysteriously, into the sea. Derry was an adventure as we walked the “Old City”, then snuggled in for a well deserved night sleep.

After a visit to Donegal Castle, we returned with a free day to look up my side of the family. Phil had helped me locate where family lived outside of Derry. A short taxi ride, and we were greeted by 10 family members we ever dreamed we would meet.

A little drinking Irish Style, and a lot of food, made for the best day ever. The next day was a leisure day as our guide took us to Ulster American Folk Park, where we enjoyed learning about how our Irish Ancestors emigrated to the USA.

Another well deserved night sleep in Dublin, led to the very best day of the whole trip. We saw so much of what makes Dublin the city it is. A final farewell shindig was an Irish Party unequalled anywhere. Dancing, drinks, storytelling, all led to the best farewell anyone could imagine.

Thanks, Phil and Barbara. You made our dreams come true.

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