Sandals Dunns River- Part 2

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CHARLOTTE – These two resorts became the stalwart of the Sandals Family as they began to search for the best beaches in the Caribbean. The story still stands that Butch always found the perfect beach first, then looked at how he could purchase it and develop his extraordinary resorts. But the company did not look just in Jamaica, rather all over the Caribbean. Sandals has resorts today in; Curacao, Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Barbados and the Bahamas. Butch’s son Adam stepped in to help with the business, as did other members of the Stewart family. Adam soon inherited the passion for “The Best” that his Father Butch had.

I had the privilege of dining on more than one occasion with Mr. Stewart Sr, and he had an amazing business sense and an imagination of being better and better. The one takeaway I have from those occasions was his love for Jamaica and the Ocho Rios area. He had a dream of building better than ever in this region, perhaps to show the world just why he thought Ochi and Jamaica were the most beautiful places on earth. Unfortunately, Mr Stewart Sr passed away recently and turned the dreams over to

Adam. What none of us new, at the time, was he had already planted the seed for another Ochi milestone. That was recently announced by the Stewart Family as the newest venture by Sandals, Sandals Dunns River. When this resort opens, hopefully on May 24, 2023, it will be home to some of the newest and most innovative suites at any resort, anywhere. Let’s take a look;

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