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Education Travel
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Educational Travel has been part of the travel scene for many years. One of the most famous types of educational travel is Antiquities. Travel to areas such as Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Israel are the most popular. For the purposes of these articles, we will discuss Israel in the next series, Religious Travel.

Tour leaders such as Globus, Trafalgar, Insight, and many others have dedicated tours that give clients the opportunity to learn about a specific area or region. There are many Cruise Companies that have expert tour guides included in tour packages to areas they might visit. There were always the college students and the retired folks who enjoyed these educational tours. Now a whole new group has exploded in this area.

Generational Tourism is the newest high growth area in the educational tour area. Grandparents want to take the family somewhere to learn about the history. Ocean Cruise lines, as well as some river cruise lines have opened up to this new wave. Ocean Ships have “Areas” where several staterooms or suites may be combined so the whole family can be together. River Cruise Lines are just starting to have voyages for entire families. For Disney Fans, Disney Destinations has opened up a new set of River Cruise programs in Europe for Families, of course. Youth can see and learn about all the history of the area they visit, while also getting some “Disney Magic” along the way.

Family tours to Africa are the most requested tours today. Families not only get to visit where many American Families originated, but also to see life almost as it existed generations ago. Many of the Wildlife sightings are near extinction, and this generation can learn what is, and can, be done to help preserve these species for future generations. An entire sector of Educational Tourism has developed around family travel.

Companies such as Educational Travel Services are available to Travel Agents to help clients book the perfect tour. One of the amazing facts about companies like this is the return client activity. Many families are so impressed by the bonding that takes place on these tours, they return year after year, as the family grows.

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