Purpose Travel: Destination Weddings

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In this next series of articles I will cover 3 facets of Purpose Travel in depth; Destination Wedding, Education, and Religious travel. I hope you will find an area that really intrigues you and read as much as you can about it. Read all 3 and maybe you will find intrigue in travel you had not thought of before.

I will start with Destination Weddings, to include Vow Renewals. Why a destination wedding? Every couple we have talked to mentioned they wished for a wedding in the most romantic setting in the world. Most were discouraged by others for several reasons. Cost was almost always mentioned, so let us get that out of the way first. Everyone had a budget over $10,000 for the whole package, considering property rental, food, music, drinks, catering, decorations, Wedding Cake, etc. That does not include transportation costs for distant family, or to a venue that is not “ next door”.

Doing a destination wedding that includes all of that, including transportation for Immediate Family Members, Room, ALL meals, ALL drinks, Wedding Ceremony, Required Government Forms and fees, for FIVE families can cost that much, or less. How can that be? Most travel Agents that specialize in Romance Travel have arrangements and training with multiple resorts, in most countries, that offer special rates for such groups. In addition to the Free Wedding, they will also compete for your business by offering many extras such as Free Honeymoon, Private Beachfront Dinner for Two, Couple’s Massage, etc. In addition to enjoying the Wedding of their dreams, the entire family gets to enjoy together time and much needed vacation, and a lifetime of memories.

Attendance by friends was a second objection. We are working a wedding right now. The Bride and Groom expected 10 families would attend. We are now at 20, and have 3 more families that are considering. This turns out to be the rule, most of the time, not the exception.

Where is always at the top of everyone’s mind. We have personally bailed out 3 weddings where the couple started out with no advice. They ended up almost having to cancel, when we stepped in. What we found, invariably, was the couple chose by emotion. Often the resorts did not disclose all the “Fine Print”, or the resort could not accommodate everyone, or airfare was restricted or expensive. We never charged these 3 couples, and all 3 weddings went on, with 2 couples returning for a “Free Anniversary” package. We can show the couples the top 10 requested destinations as published every year. We have arrangements in most of those.

Last is planning. Brides and Parents feel they will be left out of the planning. That is completely wrong. Couples will be assigned a “Wedding Designer” as well as an onsite coordinator. They will have a host of choices to make from colors, to music, to location, to personal vows. More than any other venue, Destination Weddings are “We will do it YOUR way” affairs. We will be with the couple every step of the way for “Been There – Done That” advice. Barbara helps with wedding planning for couples on a regular basis, and Brides always appreciate her hard earned advice, always given with LOVE.

Have you ever wondered what a country you learned, or read about, really looks like. Read on for our next series.

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Phil Angelo
Having traveled as Travel Consultants since 1992, Phil and Barbara can honestly say "Been There - Done That". We have been on over 85 cruises, visited 43 countries, and over 125 resorts all over the world. We have relationships with over 100 registered travel companies, giving you the very best choice and pricing.