Cherished Memories
Cherished Memories
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Day 1 brought us to Vernon, where we chose the included tour to Giverny Castle, the place Claude Monet lived for 45 years. The gardens have been preserved, and we could see where he got the inspiration for his paintings. Colors and designs of nature, made for spectacular viewing.

That afternoon, aboard our River Cruise Ship, we joined in a French Pastry Making lesson. We were not sure whether it was the actual making, or the tasting that was better. We arrived in Les Andelys midafternoon, and we enjoyed the prettiest area we had ever seen, walking the small town and enjoying the rich stories of the area where King Richard the Lionhearted had spent much of his life.

The next day brought us to Caudebec, where we visited some of the most important Monasteries in Europe. We had lots of free time to stroll, visit, and take pictures.
Today was Normandy. Our included tour took us on a full day excursion to Normandy Beach. There we saw, and almost relived, the landing at Omaha Beach, and the Normandy Countryside.

We visited the American Cemetery near Pointe du Hoc. It was overwhelming, but so serene to visit the cemetery and see the graves of so many American Soldiers and Sailors, who had given lives for the Freedom of Europe.

The French people still marveled at how many Americans were willing to give all for them They thought it was a tribute, indeed, to the American Desire for World Freedom, not World Domination. All these years later, several residents asked us about family members who might have been at Normandy.

It was such a cathartic experience talking with the French people and sharing our thoughts and values. Our memories, pictures, and personal experiences, will be part of this family forever.

The next 2 days took us to Rouen, and Conflans. Rouen was best known for where Joan of Arc lived, and was burned at the stake. The medieval Quarter has been preserved, and it was such a great learning experience, as we pictured what life must have been like. We even saw an Astronomical Clock that dated back centuries. In Conflans, we elected to visit Chateau De Malmaison. This is the famous estate purchased by Josephine Bonaparte in 1799, and where she lived while Napolean was fighting in Egypt.

Just a short float down the river took us back to Paris for our last day in France, before heading back home. Thank You, Phil and Barbara, for this families greatest memories that we will cherish forever.

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