Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding
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As I think back 14 months, I recall how nervous I was planning my wedding. Mom and Dad had agreed on a budget, and as the discussions went on, it seemed Our small family for Bryan and I were rapidly becoming outnumbered by the large number of friends Bryan and I had made during college and our early work years.

We tried to plan a reception location by visiting 10 different venues over 5 weeks, and logging 1000 miles. We spoke to 5 different caterers, ending up more confused after each meeting. We looked at 150 wedding cake designs, to the point of exhaustion.

Now down to 11 months and counting, a friend recommended Phil and Barbara for our Honeymoon plans. OM gosh, more decisions?

When we first met, Phil showed us an all – inclusive vendor at a wonderful Caribbean Island. As I glanced I saw a picture of a Bride on the beach. Luckily Phil listened more than talked, and Barbara saw the twinkle in my eye. I asked why the Bride had her wedding dress on, on the beach. Phil said they were having a “Destination Wedding”. What, How, Why, When and “Holy Cow” is all I remember saying.

For the next 2 weeks Phil had arranged for us to meet with our own wedding coordinator FREE. We picked a destination, talked to Mom and Dad about prices, and our immediate family about travel, and picked a date.

Phil arranged for “Face – To – Face” meetings with our coordinator as we began to choose from over 75 choices that were INCLUDED in or package. Barbara arranged for our weekend getaway to the resort to pick our suite location, wedding location, flowers, and music, ALL FREE except the airfare.

I had picked a wedding Dress by now, but how would I ever get it there, Iron it there, and get help getting it on. “Been There – Done That” was the answer as all arrangements were made for me. Now we had a wedding party with airfare arrangements from 5 different cities, and accommodations for a family of 2 adults with 4 children. “Been There – Done That” was the answer from Phil, and it was done.

Dad was getting worried about the price, but a written contract with a no price increase guarantee peaked his interest. What really got the first BIG smile from Dad was when Phil called him and told him that the Bridal Suite Bryan and I had picked was to be NO CHARGE for seven nights, courtesy of Phil and the All – Inclusive Resort

Then he discovered he had missed the fact that EVERYTHING was included, all meals, snacks, alcohol, non – alcohol, sports including motorized, and Scuba. The sit down reception was included as were the drinks. Mom said not to tell anyone, but Dad figured he was actually ahead with this Destination Wedding.

Today is the Big Day. Our Butler, had all our clothes Ironed, and even had a bridesmaid’s dress tailored a little for her. He had printed a complete schedule of when and where we were to be today. He served us breakfast in our suite, and refreshed our coffee and drinks all day

Our own wedding coordinator stayed the entire day with us, as the Resort only allowed one wedding a day. The ground crew had groomed our wedding venue, the flower folks had decorated, the musicians were there on time. Oh My!!!

Where in the world was Brian? Ahhh, a meeting at the beachside bar with my Dad had distracted him and the Groom’s Party. Never fear, our Butler rounded all of them up, dropped them off in his Golf Cart to get dressed, and delivered everyone on time.

Dad could not believe he was not getting any bills to sign, as all of this was included. Even a wedding Digital album was included. The officiant was wonderful, the legal papers were completed and the music and food and beverages began.
I think that when I return home I will ask everyone what the best part of the wedding was.

For me, it is the relaxation I enjoyed not having to worry how to do anything. For Mom, I know it will be the wedding ceremony. For Brian it will be the good times.

What about Dad? I saw the tears, I saw the new friendship he had made with Brian and his buddies, but Dad has worked so hard all these years, so here is what I think he will remember most. He left his wallet in his suite for 6 nights, and never once looked at a new bill for services rendered.

Just Saying – Love You Most Dad, mean it!

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