Luxury Travel Part 1

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In this series we are going to talk about Luxury travel. Even though Luxury Travel is not for everyone, it may be what many folks are looking for in travel. Let’s define Luxury Travel.

There are many variables that make a Travel Event Luxury, but in plain terms Luxury means discerning travel. If you prefer to stay in a boutique Hotel with fine linens, very close to what you want to explore, with choice of pillows, turndown service, a very good wine list, and personal services, you are a luxury traveler. In the last 2 years, luxury travel has increased 180% in the USA. Who are these Luxury Travelers?

The largest increase in Luxury travel comes from the Millennial age group, closely followed by the Baby Boomers, Research shows these 2 age groups have worked hard to set aside money for leisure to either destress or just enjoy doing something from a bucket list. We will take just a few weeks to tell you about some of the Luxury Travel plans we have worked with at Leisure Travel, and some new ideas for the Luxury Traveler. For many years certain resort companies have identified themselves with the Luxury Market. Just one example is Sandals.

Sandals was created by a man from Jamaica who found that tourists coming to Jamaica wanted more than just a beach to swim at, but first and most important to them was a requirement for the best beach location they could find. He set out to create a single resort at the very best location he could find in Jamaica. From a simple Hotel at that location, he expanded on an idea to provide 1 resort that had everything a client wanted, starting with the very best food and wine. From there he listened to those clients and built a product where everything was included in the upfront price, but the “everything” was discerning. He found the best chefs he could find, hired only people who were dedicated to fine service and sent his Butlers to school in England at his own expense. The response from clients was an amazing explosion of demand, One overreaching policy separated Sandals from many others. That was VALUE. He taught his staff the fact that discerning travelers were most concerned with value and Sandals consistently strives to be best in Value, never lowest in price.

Check back next week for Part 2 in the new series Luxury.

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