It’s A New Normal In Travel- Part 4

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CHARLOTTE – 1/ Implementation of new “Touchless” boarding procedures to include extensive use of electronic preboarding information prior to embarkation. Face Mask requirements on board will be enforced.

2/ Use of touchless boarding passes, room access, and cash management systems.

3/ Changes to onboard dining and drink consumption, to limit exposures at buffet areas and bars. Where there are buffets, there will be servers to pass out food choices to passengers. At bars there willbe a cashless system that most lines already have, supplemented by decreased crowding and greater social distancing.

4/ Entertainment will change to fewer varieties, offered more often, with reservations required.

5/ Shore excursion choices will be limited to pre-visit choices of organized activities, operated by licensed firms. Walking off the ships will be very limited as exposure between passengers and shore side vendors is very difficult to control. Shoreside Operations, even at Cruise Line Controlled private islands, will be very different.

6/ Onboard medical facilities will be greatly enhanced to provide emergency treatment of multiple patients, medications and treatment facilities for multiple casualties, and pre-plans for emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Perhaps the most difficult situations, but certain to change, will be exposures at onboard water areas.

Since these will be so difficult to control, each Cruise Line will establish protocols for handling the use of facemasks at pools and bars, distancing between lounge chairs and lines to access such areas as slides, rope climbing, and special entertainment like Surf Rider, Go Kart, Coaster, and Splash Parks. These will change, but it remains to be seen how each company will change.

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