Insurance Should I or Not- Part 6

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First, let me say that Travel Insurance can be a passionate topic with some folks, and we are not insurance agents.

Phil and Leisure Travel experts do not sell any insurance products, nor do we recommend any type or any vendor, over another. We will ALWAYS recommend you purchase Travel Insurance to cover your need, and we may contact an insurance vendor to quote an insurance product for you. Always contact an Insurance Company if you have questions about coverages, etc. We are NOT licensed to advise you or sell directly to anyone, any insurance products.

All insurance products have language that limits product coverage or amounts under certain circumstances. The pre-existing conditions clause is a prime example. Almost EVERY Travel InsuranceCarrier has and continues to, exempt certain events from coverage. Certainly, the most talked about was denial of coverage for cancellations related to Covid 19 events. There are many other events that may occur, that are generally not covered including “acts of war”, etc. Please read carefully, contact the insurance carrier with any questions, and be an Informed Consumer. As with Life Insurance, we never want it to happen, but we must be prepared when and if it does.

Know Before You Go, please.

Please call Phil or Barbara at (980) 406-1650.  We are proud members of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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